Age in style

You’ve probably heard before that skincare helps you age gracefully. Can’t I just be allowed to age, some think, while others want to maintain their youthful appearance at all costs. Both views are equally valid – we each have our own way. If you’re one of those who prefer to keep the deepest wrinkles and most noticeable age spots at bay, there are actually some simple remedies. Even before you see the first wrinkles, some processes in the skin slow down and, under the influence of external factors such as the sun, start to leave small and initially invisible traces. Here’s a quick guide on how to help your skin age in style.


About 80% of skin ageing is due to sun exposure. Unfortunately, too much sun leads to more and bigger wrinkles, more pigmentation spots and less elastic skin. If you remember to use UVB and UVA sun protection early in life – and especially when exposing your skin to the sun – you will not only minimise the signs of ageing, but also the risk of skin cancer.


The next big success factor in skin care is vitamin A, which comes in many different forms, all of which work somewhat differently. The most well-documented product in skin care is retinol, which helps keep cells working and producing collagen, among other things. Retinol is also good for minimising pigmentation spots. It’s excellent to supplement with retinol when you’re around 30. At this point, skin ageing starts to take hold, although it’s not always as obvious yet. You can step up the use of retinol – both in concentration and use – as your skin gets used to it and needs more active skincare. You might start with a product containing 0.1% retinol once a week – eventually stepping up to every day and later increasing the concentration to 0.5%. Remember that it is not always clear from a product how much retinol it releases into the skin. That’s why it’s important to talk to your aesthetician to get good advice on this.


Fruit acid is one of the best proven skin enhancers and regular use speeds up skin cell renewal, exfoliates, stimulates collagen production and minimises the presence of pigmentation spots. Choose AHA when you want a more powerful exfoliating effect, and choose PHA when the goal is to have a replenishing and barrier-strengthening effect. And combine the two fruit acids for optimal results. With regular AHA exfoliation in the clinic, you’re doing your skin a big favour. You can start using fruit acids as soon as you start skincare – giving your skin a daily dose of substances it appreciates.With sun protection and fruit acids as your skin’s basic wardrobe, and retinol and vitamin C as extra vitamin injections, you’re well equipped to age in style!


Vitamin C strengthens the skin’s resistance, counteracts pigmentation spots and makes the skin more elastic. To get the most out of your vitamin C concentrate or serum, the product should have a sufficiently high concentration. 20% is the best option. The product should also be packaged in a way that does not break down the sensitive vitamin C. We are talking about capsules or ampoules or serum in a dark bottle. You can use vitamin C as a concentrate a few evenings during the week or daily if you prefer. You can get started with vitamin C when you start skin care. The sooner the better, but it’s never too late to get started.

And don’t forget to get regular treatments at the clinic once in a while!