Skin care 101 for men

The anatomical structure of the skin is similar in men and women, but differences in hormonal influences mean that men’s skin is often somewhat thicker and has a higher sebum production than women’s. Most men have a so-called normal or robust skin type, i.e. relatively resistant skin with larger pores. However, it should be stressed that skin can vary greatly from person to person, and therefore the starting point for professional skin care is always the individual and his or her skin and skin type. Of course, many men also have sensitive skin or suffer from dry skin. The condition of the skin can also vary from season to season, and there can be differences depending on what you expose it to.


Conditions such as skin type and possible skin problems are therefore very individual and vary from person to person. Some people have relatively oily skin, while others tend to have dry skin. Some suffer from acne or are bothered by pigmentation spots. It is therefore important that skin care products and treatments are tailored to suit you and your needs. The more you tailor your skin care and update it regularly, the faster and better results you will achieve.


An aesthetician can tell you what type of skin you have and you can find out what the condition of your skin is. The aesthetician will then give you product recommendations that take specific account of you and your situation. It is essential that you use products that are ideal for your particular skin type. Combine this with regular facial treatments at a skincare clinic to deep cleanse and repair the skin and make it more resistant to outside influences.


When we make a special effort to look healthy, the daily care of the skin is just as important as the rest of the body. Cleansing, exfoliating (removing dead skin cells), moisturizing and protecting with effective products keeps the skin in good condition and prevents the signs of ageing.

Cleanse: Cleansing your skin of excess oil and the pollutants that accumulate during the day will make it look clearer and healthier. Use a soap-free cleanser that’s suitable for your face.

Exfoliation: Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, deep cleanses pores and minimises dryness as well as the appearance of acne and pore masks. All Exuviance Professional products have a light exfoliating effect. You are recommended to have your skin treated regularly at a skin care clinic for a more intensive effect.

Rehydration: The skin’s natural moisture content decreases with exposure to the outdoors, cold climates and sun, after showers/baths and with age. It is therefore important that the skin’s moisture balance is restored daily with a cream, lotion or gel that does not just superficially and temporarily rehydrate.

Protection: Sun exposure is the main cause of wrinkles. A day cream with sun protection factor protects the skin from harmful radiation, pigmentation spots and premature ageing.


– Avoid strong soaps when cleaning the skin. It can cause drying and irritation.
– Use gentle products when shaving. Your skin will be more sensitive afterwards.
– Try Exuviance® Purifying Cleansing Gel as a shaving gel. The product provides a creamy lather and effectively reduces the appearance of ingrown hairs.
– Avoid touching your face with your hands –- if you are not cleansing or applying your skincare products.
– Avoid picking your face.
– Avoid touching your face with your phone when making or receiving calls: Use your phone speakers or ear-phones.
– Avoid exposing yourself to the sun as much as you can.
– Use a broad spectrum sun protection factor day product – it protects against the signs of ageing and serious sun damage.